International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS)


In 2004, the four leading international organisations in sport, sports medicine and sport science - the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) - decided to hold a joint scientific conference in the host country of the respective Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games every four years. This newly-created four- to five-day event was named the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS). Every edition is held under a specific theme.


The first edition of ICSEMIS was hosted by the city of Guangzhou, China, just prior to the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing. More than 1,500 participants from 40 countries came together to discuss the advancement of science and practice of sport and human movement. In 2012, over 2,000 delegates followed the invitation of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) to the second edition of ICSEMIS in Glasgow, United Kingdom.


The last convention in 2016 was held from  August 31st until September 4th, only a few days before the Paralympic Games, in The Federal University of São Paulo – UNIFESP located in Santos which is a municipality within Sao Paulo state in Brazil.



International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS)

International Olympic Committee (IOC, until 2012)



Since 2004