Working Towards The Future

Strategy Discussion Started
01/18/2016 09:56

ICSSPE has started a global strategy revision. Based on a decision of the President’s Committee, the global network for sport science and physical education will review current strategic priorities, vision and mission of the organisation as well as its structure.


During the process the organisation will address some key questions, such as: What should ICSSPE's main mission be? How do we react to developments in sport, physical activity and physical education and how can the organisation contribute to the agendas of international stakeholders in these fields.


Acting President Uri Schaefer is convinced that the process will lead to new forms of cooperation within the network as well as with strategic partners, and to a healthy basis for global visibility.


The strategy development is supported by an external consultant and will offer opportunities for all members to become engaged. On the basis of feedback by a representative group of ICSSPE members and workshops to be held in Berlin in February, and Philadelphia in April, the General Assembly 2016 will be requested to approve necessary steps which will allow a sustainable implementation of strategies in the years to come.