Trends within the Sport for All Sector

Sport Studies
02/11/2011 08:10

The conclusions of a study which analysed trends within the Sport for All sector have now been released in English.


Conducted by the Danisch Sport for All Committee, the study analysed different population groups and their recreational sport and life phases. The life phases and their focuses were:

  1. Children (the ‘dependents`): Focus on a good sport environment;
  2. Teenagers (the ‘independents`): Keeping interest in sport through more social, fun and flexible opportunities;
  3. Adults (the `free I-phase, before family obligations`): Greater focus on flexible opportunities;
  4. Adults (the ‘parents’): More opportunities for the entire family;
  5. Middle-aged (the `free II-phase`): Opportunities tailored for those unaccustomed to sport
  6. Seniors: More visible opportunities.


To read the conclusions, please click here