Survey on Sport and Peace Building

07/11/2011 09:30


The Georgetown University, USA, within its Conflict Resolution Programme, and the Generations For Peace Institute, Jordan, call for participation in their survey on sport and peace building.


The two organisations are conducting the survey to collect a mapping of individuals, organisations and others using sport as a tool for conflict resolution and peace building amongst youth and young adults.


The overall project aim is to encourage and increase genuine collaboration and cooperation between practitioners, researchers, students, educators, volunteers and other stakeholders, and to identify promising practices in the field of sport and peace.


In particular, the project leaders hope to learn:


  • Who is engaged in the work;
  • Where they are engaged in the work;
  • In what context(s) they are carrying out the work; and
  • How long they have been involved in the work.


To participate in the survey, please click here


Any questions regarding the survey can be directed to