Sport as a Mediator Between Cultures

Conference on Sport for Development and Peace
02/11/2011 06:00

From 13-17 September, 2011, an international development and peace conference, including pre-conference workshops, will focus on the role of sport in the development of society and intercultural experiences.


Titled Sport as a Mediator between Cultures, the event will be held at Wingate Institute, Israel. It will provide the opportunity to present and exchange expert knowledge and best practice about using sport and physical activity programmes for intercultural development initiatives.


In particular, researchers and practitioners in sport, sport science, pedagogy, psychology and social work from all continents are invited to:

  • Exchange with experts and stakeholders working in conflict areas, intercultural cooperation, integration and reconciliation;
  • Develop and gain new ideas for sport and movement activities under specific cultural conditions;
  • Reflect on how sport and movement activities can be used as a means to support cooperation, integration and inner security;
  • Discuss factors that have an impact on the implementation of sport and movement programmes;
  • Increase the awareness of monitoring and evaluation of sport and physical activity programmes and respective evaluation techniques; and
  • Exchange hands-on knowledge and experience to develop activities in the field.


Under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel, and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, the event will be jointly implemented by ICSSPE, Wingate Institute and Zinman College, in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, Israel, and the Federal Institute of Sport Science, Germany.


A first announcement will be published soon. Please keep watching the ICSSPE website and News for more information.