Sport and Health

New ICSSPE Perspectives Published
10/20/2017 16:02

With sport being increasingly used to deliver public health interventions, this book critically examines the rationale and evidence for sport as a public health policy tool.


By collecting contributions from the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia, the editors Daniel Parnell and Peter Krustrup shed new light on an emerging field of research which has significant implications for public health across the globe.


Each chapter looks at the effectiveness of sport interventions across the lifespan for biological, psychological and social benefits, including those that utilise a settings-based approach to health promotion such as schools and professional sport clubs. Drawing on cutting-edge research which examines policy and practice at community and elite levels, this book addresses key topics such as education, engaging children and young adults, mental health, sport sponsorship and volunteering.


Sport and Health: Exploring the Current State of Play published in ICSSPE’s Perspectives series is important reading for all students, scholars and policy makers with an interest in the sociology of sport, physical activity and public health.


By publishing Perspectives, ICSSPE aims to facilitate the application of sport scientific findings to practical areas of sport by integrating a wide variety of fields. The themes of the Perspectives series come from ICCSPE members, partners, and friends and are evaluated by its Development Committee.


ICSSPE members will receive a 20% reduction when ordering the book through the Routledge website.