Science Based Injury Prevention

03/11/2011 15:10


The Center for Sports Science and Sports Medicine at the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, will host the international symposium Science Based Prevention from 30 June to 1 July, 2011.


With the main theme From regeneration to prevention, experts, researchers and students are invited to share expertise and experiences on the latest developments for effective prevention, and to develop, discuss and evaluate preventive strategies for the musculoskeletal system.


Topics for discussion are:


  • Remaining challenges in functional recovery: regeneration view;
  • Biomechanical concepts in prevention;
  • Current medical concepts for prevention;
  • Functional assessment as a clinical outcome;
  • Medical based aspects in aging, nutrition and preventive technologies;
  • Innovative technological solutions in preventive therapies.


Abstracts are invited and must be received by 1 April, 2011.


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