Scholarship Opportunity at Deakin & Coventry University

Cotutelle PhD Programme
12/11/2017 15:39

Deakin and Coventry University, Australia, are now offering a scholarship for a Cotutelle PhD programme titled Dose response effects of fundamental movement skill interventions on motor competence, physical activity and health.


The programme will harness the complementary skill sets on offer at Coventry and Deakin University to create a PhD programme which will develop a meaningful evidence base in relation to children’s health. Two successful applicants will be awarded with a stipend for 3 years.


Applications will be accepted until 10th January, 2018. Applicants need to contact Lisa Barnett at, or phone (+61 3 92446177) prior to submitting a formal application. Successful applicants for this scholarship will have the opportunity to work with Lisa Barnett, Jo Salmon, Natalie Lander from Deakin University and Michael Duncan from Coventry University.


Further information is available here here.