Research Methodology for Sport Science

ICSSPE Bulletin No 69 Still Online!
12/10/2015 15:00

The October issue of the ICSSPE Journal, the Bulletin No 69, is online. Its special feature is called ‘Research Methodology for Sport Science’, edited by Herbert Haag.


This Bulletin issue starts with an introduction into the topic, followed by five articles from British and German authors, dealing with different aspects of the topic.


The following articles are part of the collection:

The Philosophy of Science and Sport and Exercise Science, Richard Bailey;

Research Methods References and Respective Standard Software Packages for Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analyses in the Field of Physical Activity, Physical Education, and Sport Sciences; Martin Holzweg;

Including Children in Research: The Use of a Visual Research Methodology, Ed Cope;

Research Methodology in the Context of a Holistic Theoretical Framework for Sport Science, Herbert Haag; and

Trends and Development Perspectives for Research Methodology on a National and International Level, Herbert Haag


The Current Issues section contains two articles. Whereas Richard Bailey’s article ‘Healthy Body and a Sound Mind? Does physical fitness improve cognition?’ addresses the effects of physical fitness on cognition from a neuroscience perspective, Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe’s article ‘The Social Effects of Individual Sport: A New Approach to Aikido as a Sport for Peace and Development’ relates to social learning effects through the modern Japanese martial art Aikido.


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