Physical Activity Counselling

08/11/2011 09:10


The Alberta Centre for Active Living, Canada, has released a Physical Activity Counselling Toolkit online.


The toolkit is designed to assist practitioners in the physical activity counselling process. It comprises ten handouts covering behaviour change and chronic conditions.


The handouts regarding behaviour change include:


  • Taking the first step: deciding to be physically active;
  • Making a physical activity plan;
  • Setting goals for physical activity;
  • What stops you from being physically active?


Chronic conditions resources include:


  • Benefits of physical activity;
  • Physical activity and your blood pressure;
  • High blood pressure: how to stay safe when active;
  • Physical activity and type 2 diabetes;
  • Diabetes: how to stay safe when active;
  • Healthy weight and physical activity.


To view the toolkit, please click here