New Volume of Sport in Society Available

Girls, International Development and the Politics of Sport
04/10/2015 16:12

The new volume of Sport in Society is now available!


Table of Content


Introduction: Girls, International Development and the Politics of Sport

Megan Chawansky and Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst


Just be empowered: How girls are represented in a Sport for Development and Peace HIV/AIDS prevention manual

Shawn D. Forde and Wendy Frisby


Serving up change? Gender mainstreaming and the UNESCO-WTA partnership for global gender equality

Courtney Szto


Imagining Neoliberal Feminisms?: Thinking Critically about the US Diplomacy Campaign, ‘Empowering Women and Girls through Sports’

Mary G. McDonald


Voices of Empowerment: Women from the Global South Re/Negotiating Empowerment and the Global Sports Mentoring Program

Sumaya, F. Samie, Alicia J. Johnson, Ashleigh M. Huffman, Sarah J. Hillyer


Narrating Goals: A Case Study on the Contribution of Digital Storytelling to Cross-Cultural Leadership Development

Eline Wijnen and Manu Wildschut


“I want to come here to prove them wrong”: Using a Postcolonial Feminist Participatory Action Research (PFPAR) approach to Studying Sport, Gender and Development programs for urban Indigenous young women

Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Audrey R. Giles, Whitney Radforth and The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society


The Value of Female Sporting Role Models

Marianne Meier


Family matters: Studying the role of the family through the eyes of girls in an SfD programme in Delhi

Megan Chawansky and Payoshni Mitra


Body Projects:  Making, Remaking and Inhabiting the Woman’s Futebol Body in Brazil

Caitlin Davis Fisher & Jane Dennehy


Using soccer to build confidence and increase HCT uptake among adolescent girls: A mixed-methods study of an HIV prevention programme in South Africa

Rebecca Hershow, Katherine Gannett, Jamison Merrill, Elise Braunschweig Kaufman,


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