New University Masters Programme Launched

09/11/2011 08:30


A new one-year Masters programme on sport for development and peace has been developed at the Foro Italico University of Rome, Italy.


Entitled Sport per lo Sviluppo, l’Integrazione e la Pace (Sport for Development, Integration and Peace), the programme offers an education that integrates theory and practice, culture and experience in order to achieve critical thinking skills as well as the ability to analyse globalisation phenomena and intercultural, socio-economic and institutional cooperation dynamics.


Participants will learn how to use sport as a vector for intercultural dialogue, development and peace, in overcoming crisis situations, conflicts and emergencies following natural disasters as well as various forms of social deprivation, marginalisation, underdevelopment, and the related risks of delinquency or dependency.


Upon completion and attainment of the title, Mediatore Sportivo per lo Sviluppo (Sport Mediator for Development), graduates of the Masters programme will be able to contribute to this field, developing co-operation programmes as well as improving interventions with new skills and methods.


The Masters will focus on the following thematic areas:


  • Individual and society;
  • Development of the person and the community;
  • Physical activity, games and sport;
  • Culture and business management;
  • Language and communication;
  • Training activities.

The programme will be offered in co-operation with the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and is supported by the Directorate General for Development Co-operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy,


All sessions will be held in Italian language only. Applications for the course starting in November 2011 must be submitted by 30 September, 2011.


For more information and registration please click here