Kazan Action Plan Adopted
08/03/2017 14:05

Participants at the 6th International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport, after three days of deliberations which followed several months of preparations, decided to elaborate an advocacy tool presenting evidence-based arguments for investments in physical education, physical activity and sport.


This tool aspired to: develop common indicators for measuring the contribution of physical education, physical activity and sport to prioritized SDGs and targets; unify and further develop international standards supporting sport ministers’ interventions in the field of sport integrity (in correlation with the International Convention against Doping in Sport); conduct a feasibility study on the establishment of a Global Observatory for Women, Sport, Physical Education and Physical Activity; and develop a clearinghouse for sharing information according to the sport policy follow-up framework developed for MINEPS VI.


A large group of participants ministers, civil servants, representatives of the sports movement, researchers, journalists and others, welcomed the action-oriented outcome document of the event, but it was acknowledged that the success of the conference is now depending on follow-up measures that will strengthen the role of sport as a promoter of societal development, and, at the same time, promote a clean and corruption-free sport.


MINEPS V was held in Kazan, Russian Federation, from 13th to 15th July 2017. Politicians, policy makers, and others gathered for three days of intensive discussions and meetings about the state of physical education, physical activity and sport around the world.


ICSSPE President, Uri Schaefer, welcomed that a growing number of stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental, are willing to cooperate across sectors and disciplines. He has argued that such co-operation is a prerequisite for tacking the most pressing issues in sport. Uri Schaefer promoted further investments in prevention measures, as well as an inclusive sport and physical education movement without limited access, especially for persons with a disability, girls and women.


The full outcome document can be found here.