Lex Sportiva – Lex Olympica

06/11/2011 10:10


The 17th International Association of Sports Law (IASL) Congress will be held in Moscow, Russia from 27-30 September, 2011.


The congress theme is For an International Constitutional Charter of Sports: Lex Sportiva – Lex Olympica and is orientated in the necessity of the establishment of an International Constitutional Charter of Sports as a legitimising basis of the international sports and games.


The main topics that will be addressed at the event are:


  • Introductive Issues in Sports Law Theory;
  • Lex Sportiva;
  • Lex Olympica;
  • European Sports Law;
  • Special Topics of Sports Law;
  • Sports Jurisdictional Order;
  • International Constitutional Charter of Sport.


For more information, please visit the official website of the 17th IASL Congress www.iasl2011.org/