Keynotes and Symposia Confirmed

08/11/2011 08:20


Symposia and keynote speakers for the interdisciplinary programme of the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS) have been confirmed.


With this programme the event aims to provide an inclusive academic and professional scope on the different scientific, as well as working areas, in sport. Celia Brackenridge, Chair of the Local Organising Committee explains that this will be achieved through the special thematic structure of the programme, in which no single scientific discipline has its own sub-theme but each theme can be examined from any disciplinary perspective. In this way, the convention attracts “delegates from every professional sector and academic discipline associated with sport, physical education, exercise, physical activity and sports medicine”, Brackenridge continues.


In line with the sub-themes of the convention, which can be found on the ICSEMIS website, keynotes with a strong interdisciplinary orientation will be presented on topics including:


  • The Olympic health legacy;
  • Sport and violence to children in sport;
  • Genetics and sports performance;
  • Special medical issues in Paralympic athletes;
  • Policy dilemmas in sport and physical education;
  • Gender verification in sport;
  • Sport management;
  • Impact of sport for development;
  • Biological passport of the athlete from the juridical point of view in doping control;
  • Pedagogies for the 21st century teaching and coaching.


In addition, the programme for this convention, which will be held from 19-24 July, 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland, provides hundreds of sessions more cross-linking the distinctive areas of sport science.


An outline of the scientific programme can be found here. A detailed convention programme will be published after the programme has abeen finalised. Please keep watching the ICSEMIS website for it.


For general information and registration for ICSEMIS 2012, please visit