IOC President Appeals to Integrity in Sport

Sport and Cheating
03/11/2011 09:10

IOC President Jacques Rogge recently made a statement highlighting the importance of maintaining integrity in sport.


“As the leader of the global sports movement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) feels it has a moral and ethical obligation to protect the credibility of sport – both Olympic and non-Olympic – by combating cheating in all its forms”, Rogge said, on the day of a meeting between the sport movement, governments, public international organisations and sport betting operators to discuss ways to battle irregular and illegal sport betting.


Rogge further stated that it “is time to place the same amount of effort into containing illegal and irregular betting and its corrosive offshoots as we have put into our fight against performance-enhancing drugs“, and that the IOC is “currently in the process of encouraging all our partners in the Olympic movement to adopt rules that forbid betting on each sport.”


To read the full statement, please click here.