Investigating the Relationship between Sport and Tourism

04/11/2011 08:20



The European Committee of Sport History (CESH) will hold its 16th International Congress titled Sport and Tourism in Estoril, Portugal, from 12-16 October, 2011.


The aim of the congress is to investigate the relationship that exists between sport and tourism as social phenomenon, how sport and tourism structure and develop together and which are the world-wide effects of this relationship.


Organised in conjunction with the Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH) of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal, the congress will focus on the following thematic areas:


  • Space and geography;
  • Values and markets;
  • Regions and development;
  • Sex and gender;
  • Olympics and Olympism;
  • Hygiene and health;
  • Technology and propaganda;
  • Tourism, leisure and sport;
  • Sport and education;
  • Practices and seasons;
  • Politics and conflicts;
  • Media and communication;
  • Sport, glamour, and fashion;
  • Marketing and aesthetics;
  • Science and entertainment;
  • Leisure and culture; and
  • Sport and the sense of pleasure.


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