ICSSPE Project Grants Awarded

Promoting Sport Development Across the Globe
09/19/2017 14:18

In the context of ICSSPE’s biennial working programme 2017/2018, the ICSSPE Executive Board has decided to award the following member organsations and institutions with a project grant:


Make a Smile for Mosul Children, conducted by the University of Mosul in Iraq.

The university submitted a project proposal that intends to address factors for a psychological rehabilitation process for primary school children in Mosul city through learning how to accept oneself and the other in a sporting and physical education context. Furthermore, the project will provide learning opportunities for physical education teachers to assist in this process.


The Sport Integrity Toolkit by the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS) was chosen by the ICSSPE Executive Board as its project members aim at developing an educational resource that can enhance the capability of sport educators, coaches and administrators to identify, understand and manage personal, competition and institutional integrity in sport.


Health, Healthy Lifestyle and Inclusion as a Physical Education Quality Component by the Comenius University in Slovakia.

In this project a research team will collect information from physical education teachers in different countries about the current state of innovative teaching implementation in mandatory and leisure time physical education at primary and secondary schools. In addition, the focus is on pupils' attitudes towards the subject and their perceptions of health and socialisation. Moreover, the interest is in pupils' options about the innovation of teaching physical education classes and increase of physical activity in a daily regime.


In the project Development and Promotion of Inclusive University by the University of Nigeria project leaders aim at the development of an Inclusive University Workplace Physical Activity Programme that is effective and sustainable for all university workers irrespective of abilities, age, gender and cadre which can reduce health risks and improve quality of life.


In order to promote capacity building among ICSSPE’s members, the organisation every two years awards a selection of project proposals by its members with a grant based on the organisation’s biennial working programmes.