ICSSPE Perspectives

Recent and Up-coming Publications
12/21/2016 11:10

By publishing the Perspectives series, ICSSPE aims to facilitate the application of sport science results to practical areas of sport by integrating the various disciplines. In each volume of Perspectives, contributions from experts from different disciplines and countries address a specific, current theme.


The latest books in Perspectives are:


Elite Sport and Sport-for-All: Bridging the Two Cultures?

Edited by Richard Bailey, Margaret Talbot

Sport is often perceived as being divided into two separate domains: mass participation and elite. In many countries, policy and funding in these two fields are managed by separate agencies, and investment is often seen as a choice between the two. Elite Sport and Sport-for-All explores the points of connection and sources of tension between elite and mass participation sport. The book’s multi-disciplinary and international line-up of contributors seeks to define, examine, and develop solutions to this problematic relationship.


Drawing on research and case studies from around the world—with examples from Denmark, Canada, South Africa and Israel—the book explores key contemporary issues including:

  • does effective talent identification require depth of participation?
  • do elite performances inspire greater participation?
  • the role of the Paralympic movement in mass participation and elite sport;
  • and the economic aspects of their co-existence.

The first study of its kind, Elite Sport and Sport-for-All addresses a central dichotomy in sport policy and, as such, is important reading for all students, researchers, policy-makers or administrators working in sport development and policy.


More information can be found here.


Sport, Education and Social Policy: The state of the social sciences of sport

Edited by Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Katrin Koenen, Richard Bailey

This important study brings together world-leading researchers to reflect upon the state of the social scientific study of sport. Addressing three core themes in sport studies – equality, education and policy – the book looks back over the development of sport research in recent decades and offers new insights into future lines of enquiry.


Presenting a unique collection of authoritative perspectives from some of the best-known scholars in the social scientific study of sport, the book engages with key contemporary issues such as gender stereotypes in physical education, ethnicity, inclusion and critical race theory, physical literacy, physical activity and health, and international sport governance. Its chapters address major topics such as the globalisation of physical activity initiatives and the involvement of the EU in developing sport policies, as well as shedding light on new areas of research such as the growing participation of Muslim women in sport.


Sport, Education and Social Policy: The state of the social sciences of sport is fascinating reading for any researcher or advanced student working in sport studies, physical education or kinesiology. It is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Margaret Talbot, former President of ICSSPE.


For more information please follow the link.


Routledge will shortly publish some new ICSSPE Perspectives, including:

  • Physical Activity and Educational Achievement: Insights from exercise neuroscience (due mid-2017)
  • Sport and Health (due late 2017)
  • Ageing Across the World: health promotion through exercise and physical activity
  • Managing Sport Internationally

All ICSSPE members can get a discount of 20% on all Perspectives volumes. Please contact the ICSSPE Office to get the password for this discount.


Finally, we are always keen to talk to ICSSPE members about their ideas for new Perspectives volumes. Ideally, these books would be multi-authored, including the contributions of colleagues from different regions and different disciplinary backgrounds. If you are interested, please contact the ICSSPE Office: kkoenenaticsspe.org (kkoenenaticsspe.org.)