ICSSPE Members to Convene in Finland

New Working Programme and Elections for 2014-16 Period


26th General Assembly, 12 June in Helsinki


(Berlin, 6 June 2014)


The members of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) come together in order to decide on the contents of the working programme and budget cycle for the upcoming biennium, based on reviews of what has been achieved in the previous term. Furthermore the member organisations will elect new office bearers for half of the seats of the Executive Board.  


Kari Keskinen, Executive Director of the Finnish Society of Sport Sciences and Chair of the ICSSPE Editorial Board states that at the Finnish Society of Sport Sciences are extremely proud that ICSSPE has authorised us to host its statutory meetings in Helsinki this June; and he stresses the cross-sectoral approach of ICSSPE when mentioning that sport scientific matters are not only of importance to sport scientists, but also to a great number of administrators and decision-makers in international governing bodies around the world.


Taking place for the 26th time the General Assembly will be held at the most prestigious Finlandia Hall, which is also the venue for the IWG 2014 Conference following the ICSSPE meetings. The ICSSPE Executive Board together with its sub-committees will have their meetings from 9 until 11 June at the Finnish Sports Museum, which is located at the historic 1952 Olympic Stadium.

Further information can be obtained from www.icsspe.org as well as www.facebook.com/icsspe and https://twitter.com/ICSSPE.  


About the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education ICSSPE is the worlds largest multi-disciplinary network of national and international institutions and organisations that are concerned with sport, sport science and physical education. The Council belongs to the associated bodies of UNESCO and cooperates with key actors of the sport movement. Its primary activities include the coordination of research projects, policy advice, expert exchange and collaboration between education and research facilities, the organisation of international conferences and symposia, as well as the production of scientific publications.


The Executive Office receives support from the Berlin Senate for the Interior and Sport and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany. www.icsspe.org


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