ICSSPE General Assembly Sets Measures for the Future

Delegates Vote for New Organisational Set-up
05/18/2017 10:10

Delegates at the 2017 General Assembly in Frankfurt voted for a revision of ICSSPE’s organisational set-up.


Following months of discussions, strategic workshops, meetings and a member survey, ICSSPE members decided to revise the membership composition and the board structure of ICSSPE.


The new composition of the membership will better reflect the activities of the organisation in science, education and policy development. This intention will be complemented by a new board structure which will encourage effective responses to developments in sport, science and education by applying the knowledge and expertise of the Executive Board as well as of the Development Committee and its working groups.


Members also adopted a new vision for the organisation which suggests ICSSPE strives to be a leader of the global movement educating for sustainable quality of life for all through physical activity and sport.


According to the new mission, ICSSPE will encourage cooperation between scientists, policy-makers and practitioners; integrate research in physical activity and sport and support the application of its results; disseminate scientific knowledge in sport and physical activity; and support initiatives with aims similar to those pursued by ICSSPE.


The changes will become effective once they have been accepted by the Court of Registration in Berlin.