HausRheinberg Again Seminar Venue

08/11/2011 08:30


Following the good partnership for former seminars on Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention, Hotel HausRheinsberg, Germany, will again be venue for Communities and Crisis - Inclusive Development Through Sport.


The hotel´s specific design for patrons with disability and barrier free access to all hotel and seminar rooms complements ICSSPE´s work and makes for a valuable partnership with HausRheinsberg. In addition, the hotel shows great commitment to inclusion and development issues by offering distinctive services and opportunities including sport tournaments and art exhibitions not only for guests but also for those living in and around Rheinsberg. Situated on the shores of Lake Grienerick, the hotel is managed by the Fürst Donnersmarck-Foundation and celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011.


Communities and Crisis, which has received patronage of UNESCO, will focus on different aspects and methods for development and inclusion of different target groups through sport and activity programmes. Presentations and workshops will include topics such as Inclusive Physical Activity and Sport for Everyone; Sport Activities for Different Age Groups; Physiotherapy: The “Whole Body” Approach in a Cultural Context; and Using the Cultural Potential – Adapting Sport Programs to Different Cultures.


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For further information on the seminar, which will be held from 21-26 November, 2011, please click here