Drawing Together Scientific Branches

ICSEMIS 2012 - An Interdisciplinary Approach
02/11/2011 07:10

Sport and exercise scientists, world leading experts and policy makers from all branches of sport science will meet at the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS) in Glasgow, Scotland, from 19-24 July, 2012.


With the main theme of Inspiring a Learning Legacy, the conference aims at facilitating multi-and interdisciplinary scientific exchange between researchers, students and practitioners from every branch of sport and exercise. A call for papers will be announced in July 2011. The Scientific Committee, under the leadership of Greg Whyte, will welcome contributions from all sport science disciplines and sport related organisations from this time.


For more information about ICSEMIS 2012, please visit www.icsemis2012.com and keep watching the ICSSPE website.