Designed To Move

In 2010, Nike set out to gain comprehensive information on the world-wide problem of physical inactivity, which poses a significant threat to the health and happiness of individuals, communities and entire nations around the globe. The initiative aims to create a path forward for action to address this problem. More than 70 organisations were involved in this initial process.


ICSSPE and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have subsequently joined Nike in validating and publishing the findings of the Designed to Move report. This collaboration resulted in the publication of the Designed to Move Framework for Action as well as the launch of the website


In the future, ICSSPE will work together with its members on strategic advocacy in specific areas of the world. It is hoped that the Designed to Move agenda will serve to shift policy towards the promotion of physical activity and inspire individuals, organisations and companies to take action towards a healthier future.


The Designed to Move handbook is available free of charge through the “Scientific Resources” section of the ICSSPE website at