Communities and Crisis – Inclusive Development through Sport


27-31 October 2012

Rheinsberg, Germany


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The international seminar 'Communities and Crisis - Inclusive Development through Sport' is a hands-on seminar that focuses on physical activity and sport programmes as part of psycho-social interventions in social problem and crisis areas. In recent years, the role of sport in social development, crisis management and community building has increased steadily.

As a result, development agencies are designing and implementing sport and physical activities programmes for unstable communities that will offer structure and a sense of normality and so those affected can gain confidence, resilience, coping skills, hope, and a sense of cohesion within the community.




In this context and extending our seminars on Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention, this event offers an interdisciplinary training package for the development of inclusive community building.

This seminar, presented in English, provides both hands-on practical and experimental workshops, combined with theoretical learning sessions.




This interactive way of learning aims to provide participants from different backgrounds, in the field of social work/sport management/adapted physical activities, with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to, build up, fund, deliver, lead and evaluate physical activity programmes in social problem and crisis areas, with passion, confidence and respect.



Topics and Programme

Diversity, inclusion of persons with disabilities, gender issues, community building, and cultural competency are addressed as key issues as they closely relate to projects in post-trauma and social problem communities.

The seminar will provide didactic and experiential learning in the following subjects:


Theoretical concepts:

  • Psychological mechanisms of trauma
  • The role of sport, physical activity and play in community building and disaster recovery
  • Gender equality and disability issues including protection, participation and empowerment
  • Children and youth issues – trauma and victimization, protection, participation and inclusion

Practical applications:

  • Development and maintenance of sport and movement programmes for inclusion
  • Team building, self care and issues related to working in social problem areas
  • Implementation of psycho-social sport programmes including funding, monitoring and  evaluation

Please see Programme Communities and Crisis_2012.pdf for information on the complete programme.


Woskshop facilitators

International academics, leaders of sport organisations, experts and practitioners amongst others in sociology, psychology, social work, sport and physical education deliver the curriculum to participants.


     Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Using the Potential of Sport for Development and Peace Programmes: Strengths, Challenges and Dangers  G.Doll-Tepper_Potential_of_SDP.pdf


     Prof. Dr. Ian Pickup, Roehampton University, London, UK

Teaching and Learning I.Pickup_TeachingLearning_throughSport.pdf


     Mr. Ken Black, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK

Inclusive Games for All Ages and Resource Development K.Black_Inclusive_Activities_for_All.pdf


     Ms. Jutta Engelhardt, Swiss Academy for Development, Biel, Switzerland

Sport, Peace and Reconciliation


     Ms. Marianne Meier, Swiss Academy for Development, Biel, Switzerland

Gender and Sport - Challenges in Crisis Areas M.Meier_Gender&Sport.pdf

Monitoring and Evaluation M.Meier_Monitoring&Evaluation.pdf


     Dr. Dean Ravizza, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD, USA.

The Usage of Sport for Vulnerable/Disadvantaged Children


     Mr. Lou Bergholz, Edgework Consulting, United States of America

A Practical Approach to Building Trauma-Sensitive Interventions L.Bergholz_PracticalAppraoch_Trauma-Sensitive_Sport_Interventions.pdf


     Ms. Steffi de Jong, PlayAble, Tilburg, Netherlands -

Project Funding and Entrepreneurship

Session conducted by A.Kirk. A.Kirk_Funding_Entrepreneurship.pdf


     Prof. Dr. Alan Kirk, Kennesaw State University, GA, USA

Trauma, Trauma Relief and Debriefing A.Kirk_Trauma_Relief_Debriefing.pdf


     Prof. Dr. Ardith Peters, Kennesaw State University, GA, USA

Cultural Competence and Sport


     Dr. Irene McClatchey, Kennesaw State University, GA, USA

Grief, Trauma and Children I.McClatchey_GriefTraumaChildren.pdf


     Ms. Lydia la Rivière Zijdel, Lydia Zijdel Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Once Challenged, Now Victorious Lydia_Zijdel_Once challenged Now victorious.pdf


     Ms. Karin Bultiauw, European Institute of Higher Education, Brussels, Belgium

APA: Inclusive Physical Activity and Sport for Everyone and A Psychomotor Approach to Psycho-social Interventions K.Bultiauw_APA.pdf


     Mr. Olivier Nyssens, Sisu - Psychosocial Emergency Assistance Unit, Belgian Red Cross,

Brussels, Belgium

Community Based Psycho-social Support


     Mr. Emiliano  Mazzoli, University of Rome, Italy

Mirandolympic Games: Story of an Intervention in the Emilia Romagna region (Italy), after the earthquake or


     Mr Abdifatah Dhuhulow, Marathon Runner, London, UK

Overcoming Adversity through Sport A.Dhuhulow_Overcoming_Adversity_Through_Sport.pdf


Please see  Speakers_Bio.pdf   to know more about our facilitators background.



The venue chosen for the event is HausRheinsberg Hotel, in Rheinsberg, a typical German town, North of Berlin. This building is Germany's first barrier-free access hotel, catering specifically to the needs of persons with many different abilities.

The location of Hotel HausRheinsberg offers participants a unique opportunity to take advantage of facilities used by athletes with disabilities in Paralympic events, such as the annual wheelchair rugby tournament, and discover firsthand the adaptation to rooms and conference facilities. The hotel also has many wonderful facilities which include; full conference services, a modern sports hall, a swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, fireplace lounge and others.

During the seminar, participants will be treated to full buffet meals with plenty variety and choices to satisfy different tastes.


For more information please visit the hotel website:


Support and partners

We are very thankful to our sponsors that allow our team to organize this exciting learning practical experience!

The event is held under the leadership of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and supported by:

  • Kennesaw State University, GA, USA
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • The Halle-Foundation, Germany
  • Fürst Donnersmarck-Stiftung, Germany
  • Freie Universität Berlin. Germany



Participation fees:

  • Students 650 €
  • Professionals 700 €

Deadline: September 30th 2012

Registration form: see attached as a pdf.