Bangladesh Institute Launches Courses

2018 Programme Announced
12/11/2017 15:57

ICSSPE member, Bangladesh Institute of Sports Science and Medicine will start a new MSc programme of courses in 2018. They are affiliated with different universities around the world.


This is an exciting initiative as Sports Sciences & Sports Medicine subjects are not well established in Bangladesh.


The proposed courses are:


Basic Sports Science Subjects

  1. Sports Human KinoAnthropometry
  2. Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology(including Strength & Conditioning)
  3. Sports Nutrition
  4. Sports Psychology
  5. Sports History (including Olympic and Olympism) 
  6. Sports Sociology
  7. Kinetics & Ergonomics
  8. Sports Biochemistry & Sports Dope(Sports Pharmacology)
  9. Sports Adapted Physical Activity
  10. Sports Leisure and Entertainment 
  11. Law Ethics and Sports
  12. Sports Management & Administration

Clinical Sports Medicine

  1. Sports Medicine
  2. Trauma injury & arthroscopy (Orthopaedics)
  3. Sports Physiotherapy & Manipulative Therapy
  4. Sports Chiropractic
  5. Sports Psychiatry
  6. Traditional Medicine Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Ayurvedic

Many of the subjects will be submitted to the National University or Public University of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Additional subjects will be added later in accordance with international standards.  


The organisers invite expressions of interest from esteemed institutes, universities, colleges and organisations to cooperate in this venture.


For more information, contact Mohammad Zubayer at