Abstracts for TAFISA World Congress Accepted Until 1 June

05/11/2011 09:10


The deadline for abstract submission for the 22nd Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) World Congress will be 1 June, 2011.


In keeping with the congress theme, Sport for All: Building Bridges, the event will be held from 10-14 November, 2011, in Antalya, Turkey, the country which forms the bridge between Europe and Asia.


TAFISA and the Turkish Sport for All Federation (TSFAF), as organisers of the congress, have identified the following sub-themes for the event:


  • Different Cultures and Countries;
  • Elite sport and Sport for All;
  • The Private Sector and Sport for All;
  • Traditional and modern Sports;
  • Sport science and Sport for all practice;
  • Recreation as a part of Sport for All;
  • Sport for All and Health Studies;
  • Sports Management and Sport for All;
  • Wellness, Fitness, Personal Training and Target Groups Training;
  • Psycho-Social Aspects of Sports;
  • Sports and its interaction with Tourism;
  • Coping with demographic changes;
  • Sports for Social Integration;
  • History of Sports for all.


Over the course of this congress, TAFISA will also celebrate its 20th anniversary.


For more information, including details on abstract submission, please visit www.tafisaworldcongress2011.org